What is SimmerNote?

Do you ever feel your text messages aren’t quite having the impact you’d like? Do you find yourself piling on endless emojis to make them stand out? A downside of instant messages today is that they can feel disposable sometimes no matter what the content.

SimmerNote offers a different way to message your friends—with an intentional delay! It’s built on the idea that we tend to appreciate those things in life that we need to wait for—at least a little bit. Think of them as the opposite of instant messages. So, the next time you’re looking to send that special message to make a real impact, try a SimmerNote.

  • Build suspense and curiosity into your messages
  • Create a SimmerNote in seconds, no sign-ups needed
  • Great for surprises, gifts, dating, jokes, announcements, special events, and much more.
  • Automates unveiling your teaser and Reveal messages
  • Choice of Teaser animation
  • Easily delivered through all messaging and social media platforms
  • Track views, edit after sending, delete anytime
  • Automated email reminders when Reveal message becomes viewable
  • No apps needed, 100% web-based
  • Free to use

How does SimmerNote work?

Every SimmerNote consists of two parts: a teaser message which is immediately viewable, and a Reveal message, which is revealed only when a countdown timer reaches 0. You set the countdown, anywhere from 5 minutes up to 7 days. You also select a fun animation to accompany your teaser message, highlighting the suspense of your Reveal message unveiling. Here’s an example:


How are SimmerNotes delivered?

Once you create a SimmerNote, you are provided with a unique link which you can send to one or more friends through any messaging apps. The link directly opens your SimmerNote web page with your Teaser message, countdown timer, and animation.

What are some use cases for SimmerNotes?

There are many scenarios where SimmerNotes can be used to create suspense, buzz, and excitement around your messages:

Birthdays, surprises, anniversaries, e-gifts and tickets, invitations, special events, many dating and romantic scenarios, confessions, pranks, personal announcements, and many other situations where you wish to tantalize someone.

New product launches, marketing messages, upcoming sales, prizes, and special offers, unveiling a stealth service or business, and many other business announcements where you wish to stand out from the usual marketing approaches and really grab your customer’s attention.

Can I send a single SimmerNote to many people?

Absolutely! You can send a single SimmerNote link to as many friends as you wish.

When does the Countdown timer start for revealing the Reveal Message?

There are two options for triggering the countdown timer. It can start immediately after you create a SimmerNote (meaning as soon as the SimmerNote link is generated), or it can start as soon as your recipient opens the SimmerNote. There is no need to worry about time zones or dates, because you specify the reveal time relative to the present time, or relative to when the SimmerNote is opened. For example, if your friend’s birthday is in 48 hours, you can specify “48 hours from now”, and that’s when the countdown will reach 0 and Reveal message will be revealed. Or you can specify a reveal time after the SimmerNote link is actually opened, such as “4 hours after link is opened”. Note: in this case, the countdown starts after ANYONE opens the SimmerNote, so don’t open it yourself, and keep the link private (you will be able to preview your SimmerNote on the Creation page without triggering the timer). If you send it to multiple people, the countdown starts as soon as anyone opens it. For sending to groups, often the first option is more suitable where you select the countdown timer to start immediately after the note is created.

Are any mobile apps required?

No apps are needed to create or view a SimmerNote. SimmerNote is entirely web-based, built with a responsive design, so that it can be universally viewed from any device.

Is there any cost to use SimmerNote?

Nope. SimmerNotes are 100% free to create and view.

Can I edit and delete my SimmerNote?

Yes, you can edit the Reveal message any time before the countdown reaches 0, and you can delete the SimmerNote at any time.

Can I track if my SimmerNote was opened?

Yes. In the edit link we send you, you can track how many times your teaser message and Reveal message were viewed.

What media can I include in my SimmerNote?

You can include links to any other media in your teaser and Reveal messages. You can also directly attach an image to your Reveal message.

Do my recipients get a reminder when the countdown reaches 0?

Yes, your recipient(s) have the option to enter their email for receiving a reminder. When the countdown reaches 0, they will then receive a quick email indicating that your Reveal message is ready to be viewed.

What are the character limits to my messages?

Both the Teaser and Reveal messages have a 1000-character limit each.

What about Privacy?

We care about your privacy, and we take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of data about you on our website. Please see our privacy policy for more details. You control who you send the SimmerNote link to, and you can delete your SimmerNote at any time. Our unique links are generated with a long sequence of random characters, making it virtually impossible to be guessed by anyone.

What is the Technology behind SimmerNote?

While a SimmerNote seems deceptively simple, there is a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure it works well. Our technology, methods, and architecture are patent pending.

What are some words/phrases which capture the aim of a SimmerNote?

Tantalize, titillate, surprise, excite, intrigue, unveil, captivate, mystery, suspense, anticipation, “messages worth the wait”, patience.